Branding & Web Design by Esmeralda Velazco

A graphic design exhibition exploring the concept of "Scenius"  a concept developed by Brian Eno. The goal was to create a playful and inclusive platform where graphic design students from California College of the Arts can network and collaborate.

The website aims to showcase artists' work seamlessly, with a focus on intuitive navigation systems and

an uninterrupted flow of

thoughtfully-paced content. 


The homepage opens to an animated brand identity — pairing bold letterforms

and an interactive cursor. ​


Stickers and a set of posters were created as give-aways for the exhibition.  


press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

Along with an interactive component,

where students can fill the interior of the 

exhibition with vinyl cheese and crackers.

It was a mighty tasteful event!